Girl Talks 2019

Marketing and design materials (logo, poster, and social media assets) for Girl Up’s Girl Talks 2019 in San Francisco, a series of events intended to bring together forums of female leaders with young professionals in the city.

Thought Process: “Women empowering women” is an action that is close to my heart, and, so, I was ecstatic when I was given the opportunity to design branding for an event hosted by Girl Up that seeks to do just that, empower women. I had ideas that ranged from plants growing out of women’s mouths do indicate growth in vocal opinions to women emerging from ripples of water to women in speech bubbles, but I decided to go with the below design of different women’s mouths steadily but powerfully increase in openness and volume.

You can find the Facebook event page here, Instagram page, and the presentations on Youtube here.

Final Designs: