Problem Statement
The LiveNX 5.3.1 icon needs a graphic refresh, as its design is outdated. The previous CEO, Darren Kimura, requested me to redesign the icon for the next release, LiveNX 6.0.1, while I was just starting my full-time position as Marketing Coordinator.

Proposed Solution
Role: Visual Design
Material: Adobe Illustrator

The desktop icon for LiveAction's updated software, LiveNX 6.0.1, attracts
the contemporary audience while keeping true to LiveAction's brand identity.
The redesigned icon's curved edges and flat long shadow replace the
previously used drop-shadow borders that do not translate well digitally. The
flat long shadow allows for the design to better scale across all mediums of
digital, print, etc., as LiveAction continues to grow in products and services. 


OLD DESIGN: LiveNX 5.3.1

NEW DESIGN: LiveNX 6.0.1