My final digital photography project takes place in the home I've lived in since I was born. As a means of identifying the supposed users, my parents, and the supposed used objects, the photographs combine the two (person and object) in order to provide a sense of age and weariness that goes both ways. Used attempts to capture the relationship between a being and its dwelling place and how their physical attributes are, almost, inextricable.

Colors in Form

Colors in Form seeks to imitate the squares of Josef Albers, who was deeply invested in color composition and theory. Through this project, I've learned to approach my photos in a more creative manner by constantly identifying them in relation to Albers' squares. Manipulating these photos in Lightroom, I've also gained a keener sense of color accuracy and sensitivity. 

Stranjars, Again

Based on Wong Fu Productions' viral short film, Strangers, again, the following black-and-white prints explore the stages of a romantic relationship through the interaction between two jars. Distance, light, and perspective converse together in order to challenge the viewer's conception of relationships. With the combination of image and word, stranjars, again seeks to animate the inanimate.

These photographs in book format were exhibited in Stanford University's Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery from September 30 - December 7, 2014 as a part of the first undergraduate juried exhibition titled All Tomorrow's Parties.