Savvy Budget: An Ascend Product

App screen designs + app store screenshot designs for Savvy Budget, a budgeting platform specifically designed to help individuals get and stay out of debt through unique budgeting techniques. Its key features include:

1) Pulls all of your accounts automatically into one place.

2) Allows you to see all your transactions on a monthly basis. You can now ignore transactions that are irrelevant.

3) Provides your total net worth.

Thought Process: I’ve been the sole designer for Ascend ever since its inception and have put together all their logo, brand colors, website design, portal design, and other marketing designs. It’s been a humbling experience. I was given the opportunity to also design an app, and my ultimate goal was to keep consistent with our other platforms (website and portal), while adding a little bit more pizzazz that you don’t often come across with finance apps since they tend towards more professional and, in my opinion, sometimes stale designs. My hope for this app was to create a simple, understandable, yet delightful experience for the user while still being taken seriously and enabling them to achieve their budgeting goals.

The app is available on Google Play and iOS App Stores. Download and try them out :)

Final Designs: