She Waxes While We Wane

The cover illustration for She Waxes While We Wane by Bo Balder was an assignment given by Plympton Inc., a literary studio focused on digital publishing. Partnering with Audible, the Plympton design fellows sketched out, drafted, iterated, and finalized multiple children's books for Audible.

You can find Bo Balder's audiobook and my official cover illustration here.

Role: Visual Design
Material: Adobe Illustrator

She Waxes While We Wane is a peculiar children's book in that it combines
a lighthearted tone with a rather emotional plot. I wanted to capture the main
character of the story who is set apart from the rest of the world with a unique
characteristic of swelling up like a balloon only when the sun is out. 

Combining a darker, melancholy blue with a more hopeful pastel pink and
juxtaposing Rosie's curved lines with the Bodoni font's sharp edges, the cover
illustration expresses a combination of differences that work to create a visual
depiction of Rosie's situation and emotions. While being different can weigh
you down, it can also lift you up.


with final product shown first